Product Lineup

At Eagletron®, we make software to help you get the most out of computer video technology, whether you use our hardware or not. You can learn more about all our products at The following table compares the feature sets of TrackerCam, CamPanel, and DVdriver.




Works with webcams
Works with camcorders
Pant/tilt control
Runs w/o Tracker/PowerPod
Digital zoom control
Firewire optical zoom control
LANC optical zoom control
ClearPTZ optical zoom control
Serves video to Web
Pan/tilt over Web
Person tracking
Motion tracking
Use video in up to 7 apps
Capture multiple streams
Still image capture
Movie capture
Scheduled capture
Motion triggered capture
Motion triggered alarms
FTP upload captured images
Access via cell phone
Built-in chat
Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP