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Can we integrate the PowerPod into a Pay-Per-View environment?

Detailed Question:

We are interested in your PowerPod product and was wondering if it is possible to configure the DVdriver software to use an intermediate server instead of connecting directly to the PowerPod. The reason for this is that we run several adult sites and would like to use the PowerPod in a Pay-Per-View environment. We need our customers to connect to a central server for access to the controls, instead of directly to the PowerPod's IP address. Would this be possible?


Yes, this can be done with a custom version of DVdriver for your hosts (those with the cameras).

Both the client and the host will be http clients to your server. When the host starts it will register with your server which will create a session that the next client can fill. Only your server will know the session ID. When the client logs off or times out, the session will be killed.

The host (DVdriver) will poll your server on port 80 for pan/tilt/zoom commands. (We do it this way to prevent router port blocking problems.)

You can set the polling frequency. If your server runs PHP and MySQL, you will not have much work to do.

Please contact us to discuss this further if you this is what you want, or close to what you want.

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