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Looking for a complete surveillance solution.

Detailed Question:

Dear Sir / Madam,

Can you please advise if you have remote video surveillance camera recording system that meets the following specs:

  1. Can record from camera video stream over the Internet

  2. Can record a large number of channels simultaeneously (between 30 and 100 cameras)
  3. Camera only transmits data when the scene changes / there is movement (bandwidth conservation)
  4. Playback: Is capable of playing back multiple scenes simultaeneously and in fast motion

In addition to these specs we are also looking for a system where a computer is not required at each remote location even if there is more than one camera. Remote pan / tilt control over the Internet would also be nice.


CamPanel software is not recommended for more than 8 cameras per computer, unless you have multiple CPUs and more than 4 hard drives in the computer. We try to record up to 20 fps per camera. You can't achieve this with a single computer even over a Gigabit network.

  1. you can use a network drive to capture the files to a central server

  2. multiple computers are required to record that many channels - we recommend not more than 8 per computer for optimal performance

  3. yes, you can set CamPanel to upload upon motion detection only

  4. yes, you can run multiple instances of Surveillance Viewer to play back at over 100fps per camera and you can skip frames for VERY fast playback.

CamPanel is a free download for trial:


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