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What is the best solution for my iFriends video chat room?

Detailed Question:

I am planning to host a video chat room with iFriends.net, who recommends TrackerCam. I have a PC with internet connection. I don't have a web-cam. I would like to get a set of web-cam and necessary accessories with the best quality. Please advise product(s) you recommend for my purpose.

  • TrackerCam Special
  • Black TrackerCam Special (is color the only difference here?)
  • ADS USB2.0 Camera and TrackerPod
  • Watchport/V Camera and TrackerPod
  • Value TrackerCam
  • or ???


Yes, it can sometimes be confusing to decide which product to get.

It sounds like a good solution for you is the TrackerCam Special. It comes with a high quality camera. You can chose between white and blue (this is the TrackerCam Special) or black (this is the black TrackerCam Special).

The Value TrackerCam comes with a low-end webcam for those who are very concerned about price. This webcam does not perform as well in low light as the Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000.

The ADS and Watchport bundles are mainly for customers that want to use multiple cameras with the CamPanel software.

Alternatively, If you have a camcorder that is under three pounds, then you wouldn't have to buy a webcam since our software can make your camcorder into a webcam. You would just get a PowerPod to get it to pan and tilt.

The advantage of a camcorder is that our software will let you zoom it optically. Our software only provides digital zoom for webcams. Optical zoom is better because it uses the lens of the camera.

Tip: The tape mechanism of camcorders often breaks and people sometimes sell these on ebay. If you just want to use a camcorder as a webcam, you don't need a tape deck! So some of our customers pick up a broken camcorder from ebay for really cheap, and then with DVdriver and a PowerPod they get the world's greatest webcam!

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