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How does the PowerPod compare to the TrackerPod?

Detailed Question:

I'm facinated with this product (PowerPod). Two questions:

  1. can I use a webcam on the powerpod?
  2. Are the degrees of flexibilty the same as the trackerpod as I found on a testing web site? >
    Freedom degrees
    Pan: (gauche, droite): 160
    Tilt: (haut, bas): 110
    Speed: Up to 100 per second


1. Yes, you can use a webcam on the PowerPod if it is at least 0.75 lbs in weight. The PowerPod depends on some weight to function properly.
2. The degrees of motion are the same as for the TrackerPod
3. The Speed is NOT the same. The PowerPod is slower - its maximum speed is 53 degrees per second. This is because it is built to move a heavier object.

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