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I am having trouble accessing my TrackerCam outside my home network.

Detailed Question:

I do not seem to be able to access my TrackerCam from outside my home network. The computer to which the TrackerCam is connected, connects to a D-Link router DI-624 through its ethernet port. I've tried several different settings on the DI-624 to enable the external access to the TrackerCam, without success.

Without the router in place, I can access the TrackerCam remotely just fine.


This is only a router setting issue because you can access TrackerCam remotely if you let the computer on which TrackerCam is running connect to the Internet directly.

Please make sure you forward TCP requests on port 8090 (or whatever your TrackerCam is listening) to the computer where TrackerCam is running. Please also check the following page to get help on setting up your router:


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