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Why am I having trouble with TrackerCam and my ATI all-in-wonder card?

Detailed Question:

I am using a asus radeon 9600xt, with a dv camera connected to svideo (no 1394 on this computer). When i try to use the camera in trackercam, i get "cannot create video, error code : bp aren". I'm using ati's catalyst drivers (4.3) which uses wdm drivers for capture. My other camera (logitech quickcam express) works fine, and is also wdm drivers. Any ideas how to fix this? ATI have not yet replied to me.


We have had problems with ATI All-in-wonder capture cards and some USB capture devices. We do not have a solution at this time. If ATI is able to get this working, we would like to know about it. We first noted this problem over 2 years ago.

Sorry we are unable to solve the problem.

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