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  1. Can I send the activation code to a different email address?
  2. Could you suggest a surveillance solution for my four rooms?
  3. Do you have a solution for monitoring traning?
  4. Could I try out CamPanel with a low-end camera solution first to see how it works?
  5. What kind of cameras can I use with CamPanel?
  6. What are the differences between PowerPod and PowerPodL?
  7. How do I record data from many cameras at the same time with CamPanel?
  8. Can I record video from 4 webcams simultaneously?
  9. Do you have a webcam that connects directly to a network hub?
  10. Can I monitor 4 analog camera streams using CamPanel and 4 Hauppauge capture cards?
  11. I'm having trouble using multiple Watchport cameras with CamPanel
  12. How do I remotely log in to CamPanel if my IP address is dynamic?
  13. Can I mix different kinds of cameras and use IP cameras?
  14. What kind of compression does CamPanel use for captured surveillance video?
  15. How do I get my free CamPanel software?
  16. How do I save captured surveillance images as ordinary JPEG's?
  17. Can your software do motion-triggered surveillance capture with masking and buffering?
  18. How can I make captured surveillance video files smaller?
  19. Do you have software that will let me use 12 webcams?
  20. How can I use 2 camcorders of the same type with CamPanel?
  21. Looking for webcam motion detection software
  22. What is the best solution for surveillance over long distance?
  23. Can I use 3 Logitech QuickCam 4000's connected to my computer at the same time?
  24. Looking for software that I can use with my webcams to detect motion
  25. Can't connect to my own remote access page
  26. Why can't I remotely view my webcam any more?
  27. Any advice on a 3 camera setup for my church?
  28. How do I set your softare if I mount my camera upside-down?
  29. Looking for software that will let me use 2 USB webcams at the same time on one computer.
  30. How do you delete a camera
  31. Can I change my WinTV card's channel remotely from another computer that is logged onto CamPanel?
  32. Can I film football games from a high tripod and control the camera from a laptop?
  33. How can I get the Campanel software activated without internet on my computer?

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