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  1. What are the detailed specs of the ClearPTZ?
  2. What is a good package for internet chat?
  3. Do you provide an outdoor PTZ network camera?
  4. Does your ClearPTZ Camera have shaft encoder sensors?
  5. Can you suggest a video system for my church?
  6. Looking for a camera with image quality high-enough to read print on an object it's pointed at.
  7. How do I control zoom and other features of the ClearPTZ camera from my computer?
  8. How do I move in very small steps?
  9. What is the best solution for surveillance over long distance?
  10. Any advice on a 3 camera setup for my church?
  11. What protocols are your products compatible with?
  12. I would like to obtain the technical specs for the ClearPTZ
  13. Questions about ClearPTZ video connector and operating temp
  14. Questions about ClearPTZ dongle, focus, and zoom.
  15. How do I monitor a surveillance camera over the internet when Iam abroad?
  16. Can I film football games from a high tripod and control the camera from a laptop?
  17. How do you get power to the PowerPod-500 and the camera?
  18. Does CLEARPTZ stay focused and do I need a separate card?
  19. Do you sell DVR security cameras?
  20. What is the size of the ClearPTZ?
  21. Yes, you can connect the ClearPTZ to a Windows based notebook.
  22. DVdriver and ClearPTZ or MotorPod for church video recording/monitoring

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