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  1. How does the PowerPod-IR work?
  2. Do your products run on the MAC?
  3. Does the DVdriver software come with the TrackerCam-IR or the PowerPod-IR?
  4. Can you combine the functionality of the USB PowerPod and the IR PowerPod?
  5. Is the PowerPod-IR an expansion of the PowerPod?
  6. Can PowerPod-IR control the zoom of a digital still-image camera?
  7. What could I use to help a disabled person move a camera to take photos?
  8. Which product lets me turn and swivel a camera with a hand-held remote control?
  9. Do you offer a product that works with both camcorders and webcams?
  10. Does the PowerPod work with the Sony DCR-TRV340?
  11. How far will PowerPod-IR rotate in degrees?

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