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  1. Do I need to buy a LANC Cable for use with the LANC PowerPod?
  2. Does the PowerPod-LANC control zoom and focus of the Sony DCR-TRV19?
  3. Does the PowerPod-LANC work with TrackerCam Software?
  4. How do I mount the PowerPod?
  5. Does the PowerPod-LANC support the TRV-30 Sony?
  6. Can you combine the functionality of the USB PowerPod and the IR PowerPod?
  7. Is there an API for custom programming?
  8. Can you tell me more about the features of the PowerPod-LANC?
  9. Will the PowerPod-LANC support the Sony TRV9 camcorder?
  10. How can I use my sony handycam as a webcam?
  11. How can I use my sonyDCR PC9E camcorder as a webcam?
  12. Will the PowerPod and DVDriver work with the new Sony DCR-HC90 camcorder?
  13. Where can I download the control software for PowerPod?
  14. What do I need to set up a pan/tilt/zoom surveillance system using 4 Sony camcorders?
  15. How do I move in very small steps?
  16. Does the PowerPod work with the Sony DCR-TRV340?
  17. Which of your products lets me pan/tilt/zoom a camcorder under the control of my PC?
  18. Does PowerPod-LANC support FireWire (=Non-LANC) zoom?
  19. Does the PowerPod-LANC communicate with any of the industry protocols?

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