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  1. Do I need all the accessories included in the Retail TrackerPod?
  2. Are you planning on making an outdoor version of the tracker pod?
  3. Can you tell me about the precise angles of pan/tilt for the TrackerPod?
  4. Do you recommend the TrackerPod or the TrackerPod-IR for chathosting?
  5. What is a good package for internet chat?
  6. Do you have discount for educational institutions?
  7. Can I use a Sony HC1000 with a TrackerPod?
  8. Can I record video to disk at ta frame rate I specify?
  9. How do you mount a TrackerPod to a wall?
  10. Where can I get drivers for a TrackerPod?
  11. Will TrackerPod work with 240 volt Australian power?
  12. Do you offer a product that works with both camcorders and webcams?
  13. Can I mount a TrackerPod on a tripod?
  14. What is the maximum length of the USB cable?
  15. What can I use to keep an eye on my Dad remotely?
  16. How do I move in very small steps?
  17. I'm looking for a pan/tilt control device to mount a 35mm camera to.
  18. What protocols are your products compatible with?
  19. Do you offer a product that will move my camera back and forth in a pre-programmed way?
  20. How to control a trackerpod from my own program?

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