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Want to use a camcorder with iFriends

Detailed Question:

i am a video host on ifriends and they recomend tracker pod for their campilot shows since i have a camcorder i am interested in powerpod and i am wondering if it comes with everything that the tracker pod comes with so the viewer can control the camcorder as they can with the cam on tracker cam. ive contacted thier tech support and they werent sure since they only tested trackercam! can you give me any insight on this? will it be refundable if it does not do what i need it to do? also will it support the new sony mini hd camcorder/?


'TrackerCam' is the name of the control software. You can use it with either a TrackerPod (device for webcams) or a PowerPod (device for camcorders). So, yes you can definitely use all the features with a PowerPod. Just make sure to download and use version 4.12, available at

that's the version tested for use with iFriends.

You can download it for free and test it with your camcorder before you buy anything.

Thank you,
TrackerCam Support

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