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I would like to obtain the technical specs for the ClearPTZ

Detailed Question:

I would like to obtain the technical specs for the ClearPTZ AutoFocus Camera. Specifically, I wonder what the low light performance and resolution are of the camera, as well as power and cabling requirements. Also, is the pan / tilt / zoom motion variable in speed or proportional? Thanks!


Camera specs are available at (scroll to the bottom of the page for detailed optical specs).

A power supply is included with the product. Internally, the camera uses 12 volt DC and the pan/tilt pod it's mounted to uses 5 V.

As far as cabling, you will need to supply your own coax video cable, running between the unit and your computer's capture card. If you opt for the ClearPTZ-500, you will also need to supply your own CAT5 Ethernet cable running between the unit and the USB-to-CAT5 converter we supply for connecting to your computer.

Pan and tilt are adjusted in software to be proportional to zoom. There are several types of pan and tilt control to facilitate big, fast movements or small, degree by degree adjustments. There are also several ways of customizing or custom-programming the software to get exactly the movements and zoom adjustments you want.

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TrackerCam Support

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