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What's the difference between the the demo and full versions of DVdriver?

Detailed Question:

I'm interested in your DVdriver program for letting me use my camcorder as a webcam. You offer a demo version for free download on your web site but say that you have to pay for the full version. What's the difference between the demo version and the full version? Are there additional features in the full version?


The difference between the DVdriver demo and the full version is that the demo stops working after a few minutes.
You can continue using it, though, by re-loading the video device (you'll see what this means when you use DVdriver).
There are no features that are missing from the trial version. It works exactly the same as the full version, except for the time limit. So, you can get a complete idea of whether the software meets your needs before you buy it. When you're ready to buy, it's only $20.
You can download the trial version of DVdriver from:

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