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Which product is best for use in a car while hunting?

Detailed Question:

I'm interested in your powerpod products. I'd like to ask some questions before I make a purchase. I'm not sure which one is the best for my application (if any). This is what I plan to do.... I want to connect a dvcamera to a powerpod, and connect the powerpod to a vehicle, to capture footage on the road. (hunting to be exact) 1. which powerpod do you recommend? 2. How fast will it pan from left to right (cam attached)? will it be suitable for capturing hunting footage? 3. If I'm using a PC, will the picture/capture be slow/jumpy? 4. is it sold in australia?


If you don't have a computer in the car, you'd have to use the PowerPod-IR, which is controlled by a TV-style remote control. In that case, I assume you'd be recording to tape. With a laptop in the car, you could still use the PowerPod-IR, if you prefer simple motion control, and connect the video output to your laptop to capture video digitally; or, you could us a regular PowerPod, which is controlled by the computer. With the regular PowerPod, moving the camera would involve using the laptop's mouse or hitting keys on the keyboard, which might not be easy to do while driving, but you'd have a lot of sophisticated control options available like pre-set motion.

In either case, the speed of motion is 53 degrees per second.

As far as how smooth captured video is, it's up to you. Our software offers two features you could use: video capture and scheduled still image capture. If you the video capture feature, the video will be very smooth but fill your hard drive quickly. The still image capture feature captures a still image once every X seconds. Obviously, that's not smooth video, but it lets you capture for ages without worrying about running out of space and the viewer tool lets you play back the images in sequence like a movie

I don't know anything about hunting and so I can't make provide any specific info on using a PowerPod for that purpose.

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