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Why are strange images and effects being displayed

Detailed Question:

I'm using your DVdriver software to let me use my camcorder as a webcam. It works fine, but suddenly, after a certain time period, strange things start hapenning to the video image. Color changes, sords like 'hello' come on the screen. The image starts bouncing, fading in and out, and so on. What could be happenning?


What you're seeing is not coming from DVdriver. While testing DVdriver with a Sony TRV-510, we noticed something like what you're describing and realized that the camcorder goes into a demo mode after being on for a certain amount of time without recording. The demo mode is meant to demonstrate video effects the camcorder is capable of. Obviously, for using your camcorder as a webcam, you don't want that demo mode to come on and distort your video. The way to disable demo mode varies by camcorder model, so you need to consult the manual or experiment with the camera to find out how to disable it.

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