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I want to use a PowerPod for my camcorder so it can be a webcam. How do I mount it?

Detailed Question:

To whom it may concern, I am considering purchasing a PowerPod for my camcorder, I want to use it as webcam. Upon reading the requirements I understand that the PowerPod needs a tripod to be mounted on, from the images on your website it appears that the PowerPod can be placed and operated on any flat surface without a tripod, am I correct? Next, the camcorder which I have requires a docking station for connection and power supply, the base of the docking station does not appear to have any form of connection for the PowerPod. I just recently purchased my camcorder at Futureshop at the following link should you need to look over the specifications, it is a JVC model, GZ-MG365.

... Can you help?


The reason that we recommend use of a tripod, is because your camcorder may be top heavy and cause the pod and camera assembly to trip over, possibly causing damage.

You can stand the pod flat on the table, however we recommend that you somehow securely attach it to that surface using the 1/4 inch nut on the bottom of the pod.

You'll also need to be able to access the 1/4 inch tripod mounting nut on the bottom of the camera in order to connect the camera to the top of the pod. We don't know how you would do that if it were sitting on top of the dock.

If you really want to use your camera for this sort of application, and since you say that you recently purchased from Future Shop you may want to consider exchanging the camera for a couple of options. Canon makes a great little camcorder model, the HV30 or Sony's Vixia models are also very good.

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