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Can I use my older model VHS camcorder as a webcam?

Detailed Question:

OK, I know I'm pushing it but can I use my older model VHS camcorder as a webcam? If so is there anyway to do remote video and then capture it into the computer the same way as if I were connected directly to it by firewire? Thanks.


Yes there is. There are devices called capture cards that take a TV signal and convert it into digital information computers can use. The usual use for a capture card is to let you watch TV on your computer. But you can also use it to let you use video from an analog camera. So, look around for a capture card online. We also have some that we sell for $50. They are on our 'Buy now' page next to the ClearPTZ.

After installing the capture card in your PC, you connect your camcorder's output to it. You then run our DVdriver software to make it function like a webcam. It will then work with MSN Messenger, Yahoo, etc.

Thank you,
TrackerCam Support

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