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Looking for a camera mount to tape teachers in class

Detailed Question:

Hi, I am looking for a camera mount to tape teachers in class. I noticed the Power Pod USB Robotic Mount for $169.99. The camera will be mounted up in the back of the class and will be hooked up to a computer via firewire. I would like some more information regarding this camera mount. Thank you.


Hi, The PowerPod is a pan/tilt mount for camcorders up to 3 lbs in weight. It's controlled over a USB line from a Windows PC. For Sony camcorders and others that have LANC ports, we offer a special model called the PowerPod-LANC that also controls the camcorder's zoom.

The software we provide lets you control the camera's movement from the PC or over the Web via the PC. You can try the software for free, even without the pan/til/zoom hardware. Go to for the free downloads. Let me know if you have any other questions,
TrackerCam Support

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