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How do I use my camcorder in Skype?

Detailed Question:

The new (version 2) Skype supports video, but not from DV. You need a USB webcam for Skype at the moment. Can I use your program, DVdriver, to get this and make my camcorder with Skype?


Yes. Just download and install the free trial version of DVdriver available from: Then, when you have the main Skype calling page up on your screen go to "Tools" menu, and select "Options". There will be an icon for VIDEO(beta) on the lower left. Selecting this will give you the option of selecting DVDRIVER as your video source. DVDRIVER makes your computer see the DV camera as a USB camera, and you can then test this using the "Test Webcam" box in Skype. Thank you, TrackerCam Support

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