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Looking for a camera with image quality high-enough to read print on an object it's pointed at.

Detailed Question:

I'm looking for a computer camera with high enough picture quality to be able to read text that it's pointed at. I want to set up the camera a few feet away from a clipboard. The user, who is blind, will put documents, books, packages, etc., on the clipboard. The camera and its controlling software then need to make the video available over the Internet to someone who will view it and read the text to the blind person over the phone. I have not been able to find a computer camera that has an image resolution high enough to be able to make out writing clearly. The camera also needs to be auto-focus. Someone recommended your ClearPTZ to me--do you think it will meet my needs?


Yes--the ClearPTZ will definitely give you image quality high-enough to read text easily. The control software included with the ClearPTZ lets you provide remote access over Internet, so that another person can view the video remotely. And the camera is auto-focus. Actually, we've used the ClearPTZ to read text on pieces of paper tacked to a wall across the room from the camera. That's using the camera's optical zoom, but if you're just going to have the camera pointed at something a few feet away, you won't even need zoom. I think the ClearPTZ will meet your needs very well. You can read more about the ClearPTZ at:

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