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How would your products work on an airplane?

Detailed Question:

Hello, I work for an aerospace company and would like to know more detail about your software. I am interested in two things. If I mount your powerpod on a small airplane, can I control where to aim it with our laptop software or using your software. Basically, while my plane is flying, the GPS will tell its exact location and if I have the exact location of the target, can I tell the camera where to go? Second, if I leave it on the ground with a video camera, how can I lock onto a helicopter so that it follows the helicopter without a person on it.


The GPS will give you the position of the airplane but you need to know the orientation of the airplane to figure out where to point the camera. But if you can get GPS samples fast enough you might be able to use a sequence of positions to figure out the plane's orientation and point the camera in the right direction. But the plane cannot have any roll when you are doing this because that will mess up the orientation.

If the helicopter is a distinctive color, then color tracking should work. But this also assumes that the helicopter isn't going too fast and isn't too far away.

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