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Can I control a Network TrackerCam from my LAN and from the Internet?

Detailed Question:

Re Network Tracker Cam. I have DSL 1mb static IP with a 802.11b wireless LAN. My laptop connects at the full 11mb b speed. Would this be fast enough for the above or would I need to use ethernet and wire it? 2. Would I be able to control it from my desktop PC on the LAN? 3. Would the web page displayed in effect be my home web page? 4. If I went ahead and made a home website would I be able to re-direct to the Tracker Cam? Thank you


Yes, that will work. Your network's speed is not an issue. The Network TrackerCam can actually work at 802.11g speed but if it senses an 802.11b network, it just lowers its speed and works with that. You would certainly be able to control it from a desktop PC on your LAN. Network TrackerCam basically works by serving out a web page that contains the camera image and arrow buttons you can click to pan and tilt. You can access that web page from any Windows computer running Microsoft Internet Explorer. That can be a computer on your LAN or a computer anywhere in the world if your LAN is connected to the Internet. When you set up the Network TrackerCam, it creates an IP address for itself. The setup page shows you that IP address and that's what you surf to when you want to view and control the Network TrackerCam. That page can be separate from your home page, but you can also re-direct your homepage to it or use a frame set in HTML to make the Network TrackerCam's page appear within your homepage.

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