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Can you suggest a video system for my church?

Detailed Question:

I am looking for a video system for my church. I would like to have 3 cameras located at different spots. I want to be able to record the video to tape, choosing which camera I'm recording at any one time. I'm interested in being able to pan and tilt the cameras. What do you have to offer me?


I would recommend using 3 of our ClearPTZ-500 cameras. You can place them up to 500 feet away from the computer. They have clear, crisp video, with excellent optical zoom. They don't have microphones, but I assume your church already has a sound system. They have a motorized pan/tilt base, which you control, along with camera zoom, from a computer.

The output of each camera is a standard coax video line. You probably want to be able to preview video from all cameras and select which one you want to be recording at any one time. To accomplish that, you would put a video splitter on the output of each camera. One end would feed into the controlling computer, where you would use our Campanel software to see a preview window and to contol pan, tilt, and zoom. The other end would go to a video switching box, which would feed the video from one camera at a time to your video recorder.

So to sum up, you would need 3 of our ClearPTZ's. The CamPanel software comes with them and is free. Not included but necessary would be a video switching box, a video recorder, and a sound system.

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