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Yes, you can connect the ClearPTZ to a Windows based notebook.

Detailed Question:

Hello TrackerCam Team, we are interested in the ClearPTZ Full Frame Video Camera & Control Base and we have a question. Is it possible to connect the cam to a windows bases notebook and windows recognizes the cam as a windows product so we can use it like a webcam for Windows Live Meeting ? Connection over USB ? How about long distance with the cable. Hope you can help us out. Thanks and regards Peter


Hello Peter,

Yes, you can connect the ClearPTZ to a Windows based notebook. However, since your notebook, possibly, does not have a video card, we recommend that you use a USB video encoding dongle to digitize the video from the ClearPTZ.

We have tested the "KWORLD DVD Maker" USB video dongle, and recommend it.

Once you have set it up: you can simply select the ClearPTZ as the video source of our PTZdriver software, then select the PTZdriver as the video source in Windows Live Meeting.

The cable that comes with the ClearPTZ is 6 feet, or you can choose the ClearPTZ-500 which you can use a CAT5 cable up to 500 feet from your computer.

Here is the specification page link:

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