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How do I buy a camcorder that works with DV driver so that I can use it as a webcam?

Detailed Question:

I would like to know if DVdriver works with all the camcorders available in the market nowadays? If not then what would be the best camcorder to buy that can be use with DVdriver?


"Firewire" is more accurately know as "IEEE1394" and sometimes called "iLink" by Sony or Lynx by Texas Instruments. It is a digital comunitions protocol developed by the Institute of Electrical, Electronic Engineers (IEEE).

It is a port on many camcorders which have the ability to stream video out from the camera to a computer, as well as other functions, such as optical zoom control.

You'll need a camera with this IEEE1394 / Firewire / iLink port, as well as a IEEE1394 / Firewire / iLink card and port in your PC and the cable that connects them together.

Not all cameras have these ports. You can have a look at the Canon HV20, Canon HV20, Sony Vixia models as good current models, but there are lots of other models available.

An easy way to find out if a camera model that you are interested in, has this kind of port is to Google: the model number of the camera, comma tech specs (eg. Canon HV 30, tech specs) and you'll find the information that you're looking for.

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