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Which of your products lets me pan/tilt/zoom a camcorder under the control of my PC?

Detailed Question:

Which of your robotic bases allows you to control it from a PC directly? We have Digital Dv Camcorders that have firewire only capability and we would like to run two cables from the PC, one being a USB cable to control the robotic arm and a firewire cable to receive video stream from the camcorder. Also how would we control the zooming in this situation?


We offer 2 models that do what you want: The PowerPod and the PowerPod-LANC. Both connect to your computer via USB and both let you mount a camcorder to them. They come with software to let you move the camcorder from your computer (or over the Internet) and to view and use the video coming in over the Firewire cable.

The difference between the 2 models has to do with zoom. If your camcorder has a LANC port--that's a jack that looks like a headphone jack and is usually labelled with the letter 'L'--then you should get the PowerPod-LANC. It has a short cable coming out of it that plugs into that LANC port and uses it to control the camcorder's optical zoom. You'll be able to zoom in and out by clicking your mouse at your computer (or over the Internet). Most Sony camcorders have LANC ports, along with many other models.

The regular PowerPod does not have the LANC technology. However, our software can control the zoom of a few camcorder just by sending special signals on the Firewire line. Those camcorders are the Canon ZR-series (called Canon MV in Europe), Canon Elura series, Canon Optura, and Panasonic NV-GS70. So, if you have one of those, you can get zoom control with just a regular PowerPod.

If your camcorder is not one of those and has no LANC port, then our software will do digital zoom, i.e., when you click the control to zoom in, it will digitally blow up the image. This results in a grainier pictures when you zoom in.

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