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Do you have discount for educational institutions?

Detailed Question:

Dear Sirs, we are an artificial intelligence group of a university  and we are making a research in the field of object\people in image recognition. We are strongly interested in your trackerpod... due to the fact that we are an academy with a low budget, do you have a special discount for academies, please? (we could put your cam in all the papers that we are going to realize with it and in our website)... many thanks regards


We don't have an educational discount, but our brown-box TrackerPod is only $124.99 and comes with artificial intellegence person-tracking software.

You might benefit from signing up to our affiliate program.

Bascially, you would put a link to TrackerCam on your website with a special code. Then whenever anyone purchases a product from us after coming from your website, you would get a 7% commission. This way you can offset the cost of your TrackerPod. In fact, you can join our affiliate program before buying a TrackerPod and then order through your special link, to get your first commission (note commissions are paid in $50 increments).

Good luck with your research.

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