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Does Network TrackerCam need software to control it?

Detailed Question:

I am interested in your Network TrackerCam package. This setup appears to make a standard webcam into an IP camera---herefore not needing any software installed on a PC thus avoiding any conflicts, etc. Is this correct? Which component has the webserver onboard the Webcam, TrackerPod or the Compex unit?


Yes, that's correct--No PC or software is required to control the Network TrackerCam. It functions independently and connects directly to your LAN. The Compex box, which is part of the Network TrackerCam package, is the component that contains the web server technology. It serves out a dynamic web page that displayse the video image from the camera and control buttons remote users can click to pan and tilt the camera. All you need on the remote computer to view and to pan/tilt the Network TrackerCam is Internet Explorer.

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