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Can I record video from 4 webcams simultaneously?

Detailed Question:

I have 4 webcams. Can I hit "record" on PanelCam and record feed's from all 4 simultaniously. Does it record as MPEG's or AVI? And can you view each camera data back seperately? If so I will buy your software! Regards


Yes, our CamPanel program can record 4 webcam streams simultaneously with no problem. You'll have to click the Record option four times, though, once in each of the four video windows you'll see on your screen. The program records the video in AVI format. Each stream is recorded separately to its own AVI file. You can play them back in CamPanel or Windows Media Player, or any other software that supports AVI files. So, yes, each stream is played back separately because it's its own file. Please note that the feature you want is 'Immediate Recording' and that's what you should select in the command menu (CamPanel also offers a different kind of capture for surveillance users who want to record still images at regular intervals). Thanks for your interest, TrackerCam Support

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