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Can the TrackerPods be mounted outdoors?

Detailed Question:

I was curious about the weather that these electronic bases can go through. Please let me know, I would be using then where we can have snow or 90 degrees during the course of a season.


The best way to protect your camera from the weather is to house it in a dome, such as the one below:


$249.99 12" Cast Iron/Acrylic Indoor/Outdoor dome YH5112

For this sort of inverted mounting, please make sure that your camera is two pounds or less.

For this sort type of installation you can mount either a "TrackerPod-500" (for cameras under one pound), or a MotorPod-500 (for cameras under two pounds)

The problem that you may run into is that you won't be able to control a camera's zoom over any distance more than six to ten feet, from the computer.

The most effective solution that we have found, is to use the all in one (zoom camera and pan/tilt base) ClearPTZ-500, in a dome enclosure.

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