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Do you have a webcam that connects directly to a network hub?

Detailed Question:

I'm looking for a pan/tilt/zoom webcam, preferably directly connected to my hub. Do you have these? if so, what is the model and do i order from you or a UK supplier? I want to monitor my open plan office at weekends etc.


We offer a pan/tilt webcam that connects directly to your LAN or broadband Internet connection (no PC needed) called Network TrackerCam. However, it does not offer zoom. Our TrackerPod, on the other hand, offers pan/tilt plus a digital zoom feature handled in software. This product does require a PC to connect to, but you can set it up to allow remote access and control over your LAN or the Internet. This product can be used with any webcam but doesn't come with one, though we can sell you one if you want as you will see on the purchase page. Finally, if you're looking for real optical zoom and very high resolution video, our ClearPTZ product offers incredibly sharp 26x optical zoom, along with pan and tilt. It needs a PC to connect to, but like the TrackerPod, can be set up to allow remote viewing and control over your LAN or the Internet. You can view a chart comparing all our products here.

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