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Can I use TrackerCam to capture a panorama of individual JPEG files?

Detailed Question:

Hi - I've been looking around for a pan/tilt setup for quite some time now and I've pretty much narrowed it down to your system. I've downloaded the software and had a play around with it but i still have a few questions if you don't mind. Firstly, with the panorama function - is the software able to pan the scene, capture the images, create the panorama and upload it to the internet automatically? Just as it would a single captured image? If it doesn't, would i be able to upload say 4 or 5 seperate images spanning the view, giving them different filenames (ie image1.jpg, image2.jpg etc) so that i can place them side by side on a HTML page so as to provide a panoramic view? I've seen the repeating sequence of viewpoints section in the tuning menu, but i couldn't see an option to save the capture from each individual view point as a different image/filename. Anyway, i hope i've explained myself clearly. I'm quite keen to finish this project off and make a purchase, i just hope your software can provide what i'm looking for. Many thanks in advance Ben Quinn The Brisbane Storm Chasers Homepage


Acutally, the panoramic capture feature works the way you want by default, saving to disk individual files of images captured from each viewpoint. The result of a panoramic capture is always a series of jpg's from different viewpoints. There are about 30 image files saved for every capture you do.

However, TrackerCam does not provide a way to automatically upload to the web the image files produced by a panoramic capture. So, you'd have to perform the panoramic capture and then, manually go to the folder the images are saved to and move them to your web site using an FTP uploader or whatever method you normally use to add files to your web site.

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