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Can't connect to my own remote access page

Detailed Question:

I'm a brand-new owner of a TrackerPod in the hopes of using it as part of a fledgling home security system. I have been trying to achieve remote access with both TrackerCam and CamPanel, but failing. Local access through a browser is not a problem (, where I've chose port 9050 instead of the default 9000) but somehow I can't even get a browser to connect via the Dynamic IP address, much less show video. Things I've done: - Port-forwarded 9050 to my computer's local LAN IP address ( in my case). - Made sure Windows XP Firewall wasn't blocking CamPanel or TrackerCom Please help!


It sounds like you're doing everything right, but often, due to the way LANs work, you can't browse to your own computer from within your own network. So, could you try having a friend from outside your LAN go to the URL you got from the TrackerCam dialog? Things might be working already. Or, if you want to test from your own computer, try browsing to 'http:localhost:9050/'. This tells your browser to go to the IP address of your machine. Again, the problem seems to just be that you can't browse to yourself from within your own LAN because of the way the LAN router works. But friends and remote users will be able to get to the page no problem.

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