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What do I need to set up a pan/tilt/zoom surveillance system using 4 Sony camcorders?

Detailed Question:

I am planning to set-up a video surveillance system using 4 Sony camcorders placed on robotic tripods. I want to control each camera's zoom,pan and tilt individually. Could you please recommend which of your products I need.


For your planned setup, you should consider our computer-controlled pan/tilt/zoom solution, the PowerPod-LANC. The four video streams would come in to a PC. Using our CamPanel software, you would all video streams on-screen simultaneously and be able to pan/tilt/zoom them. You would also be able to capture video to disk.

You would need 4 PowerPod-LANC units. Campanel software is free. You could use any recent model Sony DV camcorder.

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