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How use a PowerPod-LANC far away from my computer?

Detailed Question:

I want to use a PowerPod-LANC's for my  sony camcorder but it is  over 6 ft from my computer. Do you have PowerPod-LANC 500 so that I can run the long CAT5 cables between the camcorder and the computer?


We do not make a LANC-500 pods because of technical limitations, however you can extend the usable distance, between the computer and pod by adding a powered USB hub to an USB extension. We have tested them up to twenty feet away from the computer, by using fifteen foot USB cables and adding powered USB hubs on the pod end of these extensions.

You''ll need powered USB hubs with at least 2.1 - 2.5 amp power supply on the pod end of the cable.

It is important to check the power supply on your hub, because a lower powered hub will not work.

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