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How do you get power to the PowerPod-500 and the camera?

Detailed Question:

I would like to receive some more information on this product: PowerPod-500. My questions are: - How does it receive power ? I mean it uses power over ethernet or it needs a separate power line ? And what about the connected camera ? - If I understood well it uses the CAT5 cable but it still connects to the computer via USB; is this correct ?


The pod is powered by the computer's USB port. USB is generally limited to a distance of six to ten feet.

Our solution to extend this, is to make a short USB cable to a signal amplifier that plugs into a CAT5 cable. That CAT5 cable can extend the USB protocol any length, up to five hundred feet. Then the CAT5 cable plugs into another adapter that converts it back into USB, which plugs into the pod.

The pod is powered by the computers USB port, though this cable.

The camera is an independent system which requires it's own method of power. The best kind of camera to use in this case is an analogue video camera such as the one that we offer called the ClearPTZ-500, because digital video cameras have difficulty in sending video signals over any distance.

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