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How do I remotely log in to CamPanel if my IP address is dynamic?

Detailed Question:

I have downloaded "Campanel", and it seems to be working on my computer. I am using a Dynamic IP (with cable modem. My IP changes every three days). However when I try to access the video from another computer using the URL that I am given, I cannot connect and I am redirected to an Internet Optimizer page. I am behind a firewall, and I think my ISP has some ports blocked. Can you help me?


Thank you for your interest in our products.

CamPanel does have an option to support dynamic IP:

1) Open the menu for a particular local camera (top left corner of the blue camera frame)

2) Select "Online Settings"

3) Check "I have dynamic IP" checkbox.

After this you'll be able to use the URL of this form to access your camera remotely (provided in the same dialog box):{some port}&id={some id}

You'll also need to set your firewall up to allow connections on ports used by each camera. CamPanel cannot bypass the firewall, so these ports will have to be opened. There are a lot of different firewalls and routers, so I cannot be of direct assistance in this matter. If you are using a router, however, you can visit the following location for more information:

The above page was written for TrackerCam, but is still relevant.

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