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Does the Network TrackerCam work with DV cameras?

Detailed Question:

I like your product very much, it is what Im looking for. About the 'Network TrackerCam', does it only work with webcams?, what if I want to mount my Sony DV(Handycam DCR-PC105E PAL) on top, will it send the image to my computer, the reason I want to use DV is because I want to zoom in & out to get a clear image, where as webcams can not. Summary: I neea a Pod that can support the DV camera, also linked to my wireless network where I can Pan ans tilt by using IE browser, please give me advice.


Unfortunately, the Network TrackerCam does not support DV cameras. The solution requires a DV input as well as a USB input for remote PTY control. For the time being, a PC or laptop with those inputs is required to achieve your goal.

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