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How do I record data from many cameras at the same time with CamPanel?

Detailed Question:

I have downloaded your CamPanel trial sofware which succesfully shows a few web cam's. I would buy the full version if I can hit 1 record button and data is stored and syncronised for all cameras (4). The user manual says you can record data from many cameras at the same time but I can't see how do do it. Can you help!?!


There are two ways to do this. Capturing for each camera can be scheduled. So if you schedule them to start all capturing at the same time, they will.

The other way is to use the Tuner of each camera to turn capturing on with a mouse click in a browser.

Neither of these methods synchronizes down to individual frames but they both allow you to start and stop all cameras at the same time. The surveillance player lets you view all the video sequences and each frame has a time stamp.

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