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What is the best solution for surveillance over long distance?

Detailed Question:

I am an industrial electral and electronics engineer. By the looks of it analog cameras are the best price for function (surveillance) out there. Is there a certain type of analog communication standard that they would need to work within? Any assistance would be appreciated, I am certainly buying this software I am still up in the air on camera and interface type. 


You definitely require analogue cameras unless you plan to have a separate computer next to each camera or all four cameras within six feet of the same computer.

Digital video has a hard time transmitting over distances of more than six to ten feet. With analogue video you can send the video over very long runs of cable. The same goes for the control pods.

When you order make sure that you order pods from the "500 series" unless again, they are all next to a computer. Remember that USB and firewire normally have a limited distance in which they work so we developed the 500 foot tethered Pods.

The pod is powered by the computer's USB port. USB is generally limited to a distance of six to ten feet.

Our solution to extend this, is to make a short USB cable to a signal amplifier that plugs into a CAT5 cable, which you supply in the length that you choose. That CAT5 cable can extend the USB protocol any length, up to five hundred feet. Then the CAT5 cable plugs into another adapter that converts it back into USB, which plugs into the pod.

The pod is powered by the computers USB port, or a powered USB hub if using multiple camera pods, though these CAT5 cables.

The camera is an independent system which requires its own method of power and requires a separate RF cable to carry the video signal to the computer. The best kind of camera to use in this case is an analogue video camera such as the one that we offer called the ClearPTZ-500.

You can view more information about this all in one camera and control base at the following link:

If you are looking for software that supports multiple cameras, we offer "CamPanel". As you may already know, you can download a free trial version at this link:

If you choose to purchase our ClearPTZ all of the software, including CamPanel, is included in the purchase price.

Regarding a video card, we do carry one that has four BNC video ports on one card. It's price is $200.

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