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How do I save captured surveillance images as ordinary JPEG's?

Detailed Question:

I have had good success in using TrackerCam to capture surveillance images. However, I now want to convert my captured video to mpeg, avi or some other video format. I understand that the surveillance files saved use some variation of jpeg format? Second do you have a utility that will upack the image file into individual jpegs. If not, can you give instructions on how to do this manually?


TrackerCam's surveillance capture feature stores a series of standard JPEG images squashed in a single file. Using our CamPlayer application you can export individual images to regular JPEG file format. CamPlayer is included in recent versions of CamPanel, but you can always downloadit for free from: It plays back, exports, and prints surveillance images captured by both TrackerCam and CamPanel. We do not have a utility for turning captured surveillance images into MPEG or other movie files. (You can however directly capture video to MPEG in real time using TrackerCam or CamPanel, but will probably not want to use this for on-going surveillance due to the large space requirements.)

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