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Can I record video to disk at ta frame rate I specify?

Detailed Question:

I am interested in purchasing a surveilance system of some sort. Can you tell me, with a Logitech 4000 camera and a tracker pod, can I record video rather than stills (in a low fps format) to a local hard drive?


For surveillance purposes, our TrackerCam and CamPanel software applications typically capture the video stream from your webcam/camcorder as a stream of JPEG still images saved to your hard drive. You specify the frame rate based on your available storage and desired coverage. When you play the captured stills back, the effect is similar to viewing a video file. Images are tagged with their date and time of capture and you can jump to a specific time when your playing back your surveillance. TrackerCam and CamPanel can both also capture video to AVI format movie files, which you can play back in Windows Media Player. The AVI capture feature is not practical for use in most surveillance situations since the files grow too large too fast.

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