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Looking for webcam motion detection software

Detailed Question:

I'm looking for webcam motion detection software for my PC.


Well, we make a program called CamPanel--it's a full-featured video surveillance program for people interested in basing a security-surveillance system around their computer. CamPanel shows you the video from all your cameras on-screen at the same time in a grid layout and use a variety of features to help you in your surveillance. You can set up CamPanel to automatically capture a camera's video to disk when it detects motion in the camera's field of view. You can set up automated capture of surveillance images on a schedule you specify. You can log in over the Internet when you're away to view live video from your cameras and play back captured video. You can have CamPanel page you or email you when it detects motion. Use CamPanel with USB webcams, Firewire camcorders connected to your computer's Firewire port, or analaog cameras connected to analog video capture cards. Give CamPanel a free try--you can download the trial version from:

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