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Which Canon camcorders work well with PowerPod?

Detailed Question:

I'm considering various Canon model camcorders for use with your PowerPod as a pan/tilt webcam. Can you recommend a specific model? I know that your product can control the optical zoom of some models over Firewire and want to make sure to get that feature.


The best bang for the buck is probably the Canon ZR-80 or 90. You have to remember to take the tape out of it when using it as a webcam - otherwise it shut itself off after 5 minutes of use with no warning. If you're using our software, you don't need some of the additional features of the other models like still pictures and USB video. The zoom over firewire has been reported to work on all ZR, Optura, and Elura models. Our original testing was done with the ZR models. Results of testing other models come from outside sources. For Sony camcorders and other camcorders that have a LANC port, our PowerPod-LANC is a special model of PowerPod that can control these camcorders' zoom via their LANC port.

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