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Can PowerPod-IR control the zoom of a digital still-image camera?

Detailed Question:

I want to know if the remote control that comes with the PowerPod-IR can be programmed to activate the zoom and shutter of my Canon still-image digital camera.


Does your Canon camera have its own remote which can control those features? If so, you can probably just use the Canon's remote as your main remote, putting the PowerPod-IR's into its 'learn mode' to teach it to respond to unused buttons on the Canon remote for movement. I.e., if it has some number buttons that you don't use for controlling any camera features, you could teach the PowerPod-IR to respond to these by moving up, down, left, and right. Or, you could buy a programmable remote control from a TV store and program it to send out both PowerPod and camera commands.

If however your camera does not have a remote that controls the zoom and shutter, then there is no way for PowerPod-IR to control these features.

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