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Does PowerPod control the zoom of the Canon ZR, along with providing pan/tilt?

Detailed Question:

I have a Canon ZR camcorder and want to use it with one of your PowerPod bases. Am I correct that these bases will let me turn my camcorder up, down, left, and right fairly precisely from my computer? Will it also control the zoom? Or, do I need your PowerPod-LANC model for zoom control?


Yes, PowerPod will pan and tilt your Canon ZR under your computers control. Zoom control on the Canon ZR will work with just a regular PowerPod--you do not need the PowerPod-LANC. (PowerPod-LANC gives zoom control to users of Sony camcorders and other camcorders with a LANC port). You can move the PowerPod pretty precisely using mouse or keyboard controls on your computer. The smalles movement you can make is about 1 degree. The software that comes with the PowerPod will let you use your camcorder's video for things like webcamming and surveillance.

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