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How do I get my Pod to work with a USB cable extension? And how do I control the zoom features with a firewire cable?

Detailed Question:

Hi, I would like to know why my Pod doesn't work with an USB cable extension. I need to use it from a distance at least 25 ft. Do I need any special USB cable extension you have on sale?

I would like also to know how to control the zoom features with a fire wire cable (iee1394)?


USB contains both a digital signal from your computer and power from your computer. The distance that those signals can travel depends on a number of specifications involved in your computer's hardware. You may be able to overcome these specific limitations, by adding a POWERED HUB to the POD END of your USB cable. Please make sure that the powered USB HUB has a power supply that supplies at least 2.1 - 2.5 AMPS OF POWER. We have tested this method with a Logitech WINGMAN USB Hub with success.

To gain control of your camera's Firewire zoom you'll need to use DVdriver software. You can use the trial version, for free, to test if your camera supports Firewire zoom. If you find that it works for you you can purchase it for $20. Please test this with the trial version of software, before purchasing. You may be able to use a firewire Hub for reaching a greater distance as in the USB example above. Both the trial and full versions can be downloaded from our "Download" page:

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