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I've just purchased a PowerPod and am using a Canon MV750i (ZR90) I'm trying to optimise the framerate for a 512/128k DSl connection.

What is the best way to do this? Ideally I'd like to get multiple frames a second if possible, and would love your input as to how to make this possible.

Can you change the jpg compression ratio in the software?

If you want TrackerCam software to use all available bandwidth, just set the frame rate for remote connections to 30 in the tuner. It will send as much data as it can using all available bandwidth. Note that the bottleneck may be on the receiving end.

In terms of the jpg compression, it is probably set to 7 in the software. However, we don't have a way for the user to change this. The only way is to change the resolution of the image you are sending.

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